Cutting The Ribbon

Welcome to this – the first of many posts of NOT The Berwickshire Advertiser.

If you’re not resident in Berwickshire, or even in the UK, you may feel this website is not for you, that it has nothing to offer except for a title saying it’s something it isn’t.  Whoa there, Speedy, hold them partic’lar horses. 

Tongue firmly in cheek, this site has been created both as homage and a prod to all those excrutiatingly dull small local newspapers, parish pamphlets, village newsletters and circulars that nationwide make up the real information highway.  Sure, the internet is a phenomenal device; one click and the world is in your living room.  Global events – wars, natural disasters, financial meltdown – are reduced to nothing more than a pulse within a fibre optic the width of a human hair. 

But where does all this information come from, where is its initial spark?  Who decides which information merits broadcasting, which is of no importance?

You.  Me.  All of us.  We pick up on what is relevant to our lives – what moves us, what makes us feel like we belong to something bigger – and we share it.  We share our lives to connect with others but with the fast pace of modern communications sometimes we need our news just to slow… the hell… back… down; to give us time to catch our breath.  To ground us.

So, tah-dah!  Think of your community newspaper taking the place once occupied by the garden fence, bringing titbits of information on a scale we can handle.

We should celebrate this boring old spinster of the information age.  The mundanity of events held within its pages,  the lack of the sensational, its amateur sensibility in the glare and dazzle of what seems to be an increasingly capable world; all of these act as a touchstone and a restorative balm to remind us of our essential humanness. 

The fact that, hey, we’re all a bit rubbish and that’s okay.

NOT The Berwickshire Advertiser declares this site open. 

Join in, subscribe, comment.  This is your community, after all.


4 comments on “Cutting The Ribbon

  1. Bravo …. This is just what we have been waiting for, a no frills, roller coaster ride through the inner thoughts and ramblings of “Normal” People (I use the word normal in it’s loosest sense)

    • Dear Candida

      NOT BAd is sure it knows of your cousin, Lydia Clam. She’s popular with the boys too.

      We’re thrilled you’e enjoyed what we have to say so far. Subscribe in order to get all the kind of local news that people actually want to read. Please pass on the word!

  2. *applauds*

    • Dear Martha

      You intrigue us – a doctor with Tourette’s. Could make having a cervical smear interesting.

      We are delighted you, er, seem to be enjoying the first edition of NOTBAd. We really believe this is something local people have been looking for. Please subscribe and let folk know we’re here!

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