About NOT BAd

The hands of our regional newspapers are tied, aren’t they? They’re not allowed to express a true opinion, not really. To be an editor of a local newspaper is surely to be a role model; a noble example, communed through tabloid, of an individual repressing his/her own desires for the benefit of the ungrateful masses.

This is what NOT BAd would like to say to these heroes of the printed word:

Dear Madams/Sirs,

We feel your pain.

You have to work your arse off knowing that the end result will always be…  well, just a little bit crap. We understand that working on a local paper for local people must sometimes be a thankless task. The material you’ve got to work with — the flower shows, community theatre, under-11s football teams, crimes involving graffiti of anatomically incorrect genitalia. Think about it, you’re a bit like God having to create the world anew every seven days with a tatty old box of Fuzzy Felt and no arms.

We love you, you noble foot soldiers of Tweeddale Press (for example). We love you for your self-restraint and diplomacy, for biting down hard on your editing pencil to stifle the screams of personal journalistic pain in order that the Scottish Borders can feel safe and warm in the cocoon of community you’ve knitted for it.

It is for this unflinching sacrifice, for your quiet self-abasement in discharging your journalistic duty, that we at NOT BAd vow to give you voice. We promise to say all those things that you long to say were you not silenced by the cruel ball-gag of circulation figures.

Put down your burden. No longer will you have to shoulder the grief and heartache of reporting local news alone. We say again, put down your burden.

We are here.

Yours faithfully

NOT The Berwickshire Advertiser