Here at NOT The Berwickshire Advertiser we believe every local has a story to tell. Yes, some of these stories will be so boring that you could end up eating your fists to stifle the sobs, but NOT BAd will employ a rigorous filtering system ensuring we bring you only the very best, written in our own inimitable, witty and always truthful style.

And what of visitors to our cobbled shores? Are they not worth a mention? Imagine our dismay at discovering no full-colour, double-page spread detailing Robson Green’s swim off Holy Island in any of the local papers. Somebody sure as shit was sleeping at The Tweeddale Press that week. There was a scoop, right there, missed and then no doubt pounced on for the Bamburgh’s Women’s Institute newsletter. Wake up guys, you had Geordie royalty within your grasp and you fumbled it!

With this in mind, NOT BAd will attempt to get some scoops on visiting celebs that don’t mind being inexpertly stalked and apologetically interviewed for free. That’s how committed we are to your entertainment. We think you’re worth it.

Any local figure/visiting celeb you’d like to see interviewed?  Are you interesting enough to be interviewed?  Contact the Newsdesk: