Rest assured — all staff on NOT The Berwickshire Advertiser hold an FA (Hons) in Journalism, qualifying them to report in a manner that is as much insightful as it is spurious and uncorroborated.

The world of news can be a bewildering place.  For a start it changes a lot — often weekly.  This can make pinning down shit and stuff fairly tricky, but with NOT The Berwickshire Advertiser pressing its ear to the ground our readership can sleep easy knowing that in the absence of cold, hard facts we will fill in any distressing blanks with some very educated guesses.

The more elitist hack may argue that what we run on these pages isn’t news but cheap gossip.  Our response?

Meh, potatoes, po-tah-toes.

Any issue that gets our goat — from stupid town councillors to Gregg’s macaroni pie — we undertake to disseminate in a blaze of indignation and raw subjectivity.  And, just like our professional colleagues, we thoroughly research each of our stories (Wikipedia permitting).

Oh, and did I mention we make stuff up?

What other local publication offers you so much?

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