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The Berwickshire region is home to tens – perhaps even dozens – of talented people held sway by their preferred Muse.  Artist, writer, actor, sculptor, poet, songwriter, dancer, musician… all keeping the heart of the county beating, putting fire in the  belly, providing food for the soul.  In these austere times, Government policy views the arts as an indulgence, a sacrificial lamb.  But without the escapism of theatre, the inspiration of verse, or the transcendence of song what are we?

Waiting to die, that’s what.

NOT The Berwickshire Advertiser feels that the artistic folk inspired by the deep wellsprings of Border tradition and passion deserve recognition for the contribution they make to our quality of life.  We understand that sometimes being creative in such a material and self-involved world can be like shouting into the cosmic void or queuing in Home Bargains.  We appreciate that wearing crumpled linen teamed with an otherworldly air often seems counter-intuitive to prevailing social norms.

So NOT The Berwickshire Advertiser proposes to offer a bespoke review service to provide artists with the precisely the kudos they’ve earned.  No off-the-peg, report-what-you-see, wasn’t-everything-marvellous review compulsory for our local press.  No such beige.

You stand up, and NOT BAd will count you.  But if you’re crap… hey, we’ll tell it how it is.

Want an arts event reviewed?  Want to submit a review?  Contact the Newsdesk: mrschastityflyte@gmail.com.


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